Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Human Heart

"The human heart knows things the eyes don’t see, and the feels things the mind cannot understand"
This was sent to me as a text message last, last Valentine’s Day by my cousin.  It made its way into this blog as I was able to keep the message in my inbox for over a year.  I dare say I have inspired a number of friends with this message, me included! For some reason the heart is such a wonderful part of us, more often neglected which is why it manifests itself in the form of heartburn, stress and fatigue.

One of the reasons why I love Paolo Coelho is because he depicted a human (Santiago) conversing with his own heart and overcoming personal adversity in the process.  Until ‘The Alchemist’, I never thought it can be done.  I have always treated my heart as just a body part, not an essential part of my very existence.  Now more than ever, I listen and talk to my dear heart!

Happy Heart’s Day to all!!!

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