Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 26, 2011=Family+Earth Day!

Complete attendance!  All of the family members are accounted for this hot Saturday evening of March.  This is a rare treat considering two of my siblings-in-law work abroad, we never seem to be complete in family gatherings, which is why my heart is filled with glee!!!

Equally important today is the Earth Hour, at 8:30 in the evening everybody is enjoined to turn off their currents to help save Mother Earth...We actually did our share in preserving our planet.  For a full hour, we turned off all the lights, unplugged all electrical appliances and chatted away in the company of gigantic mosquitoes. What a way to spend quality time together, indeed-the best things in life are free!

The Human Heart

"The human heart knows things the eyes don’t see, and the feels things the mind cannot understand"
This was sent to me as a text message last, last Valentine’s Day by my cousin.  It made its way into this blog as I was able to keep the message in my inbox for over a year.  I dare say I have inspired a number of friends with this message, me included! For some reason the heart is such a wonderful part of us, more often neglected which is why it manifests itself in the form of heartburn, stress and fatigue.

One of the reasons why I love Paolo Coelho is because he depicted a human (Santiago) conversing with his own heart and overcoming personal adversity in the process.  Until ‘The Alchemist’, I never thought it can be done.  I have always treated my heart as just a body part, not an essential part of my very existence.  Now more than ever, I listen and talk to my dear heart!

Happy Heart’s Day to all!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Haiku: A tribute to the moon

~Full Moon~

Its luminescence
Mystery and fullness make
A magical sight!

why blog?

Finding the need to channel my creative juices, I've always wanted to write.  I was amused, bemused and blown-away by the technological innovation that is blogging.  I have always wanted to have my own blog but my limited knowledge of computer applications restrain me.  I actually have Wordpress account which contains at least a book review, a haiku and a travel blog, all of which will definitely find its way in this site.  

I blog not to please or annoy others, but to hone my literary skills, organize my otherwise unorganized thoughts and chronicle important events in my life that matter.

I think, therefore I blog.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Japan to Calaguas

No, I haven't been to both places.  I have no immediate plans of going to Japan although the cherry blossoms, Hello Kitty, the bullet train and Disneyland are top enticements for me.  Calaguas Island for its part is another paradise that I intend to visit over the weekend.  As early as February, me and my friends have been going ga-ga over everything Calaguas, from meetings to wardrobe to the weather, etc.  Despite encountering minor setbacks, never did it occur to us that something far greater and magnanimous would prevent us from going...

The magnitude 8.9 quake that hit Japan in the afternoon of March 11, 2011 and the tsunami that followed after created catastrophic ripples all over Asia and the rest of the Pacific Ocean.  By three in the afternoon alert level in Bicol was raised from one to three.  After a series of text messages inquiries on whether we should push through and finally, after receiving a call from out travel facilitator, we decided to call it off.

It was an easy decision to make-we could not afford to gamble going to an hazardous place with friends in tow, oblivious of the disasters happening in Japan and their possible effects in our shores.  One cannot be so insensitive and nature's wrath is a force that should not be trampled with.

Great things come to those who wait...see you very soon, Calaguas!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

here i go again

Blogging days are here again!  I've no idea where this deed will lead me or whether it will stand the test of (my) time.  All I know is that I intend to do this on a regular basis so that I will have a regular (semi-intellectual) activity and a lasting relationship with my netbook.

So help me God!